Kool Park Pool Hickory, NC


The Low Down

The original pool may have been here for 76 years, but the appeal is just awesome! There are technically two pools that are connected by a run off or waterfall from one pool into the other. I’m not sure what this pool is made of (I am assuming concrete) , but is coated with a blue tinted rubberized coating (which I like).


The Main Pool                                                                                                         

This pool runs from 3feet to 15feet in depth. There are four diving boards ranging from your standard backyard board to a 15 ft high dive (watching the crazies go off this board is pretty darn amusing). At 120’x85′ there is plenty of room for everyone to wade, swim, lay on floats, and play with the giant beach balls that wander randomly. If you are lucky you can get a nice little spot under the run off from pool #2.


The 2nd Pool                                                                                                          

This is defiantly my favorite pool! The 90ft long fiberglass rock-looking waterslide is tons of fun. My son who was 2 last year enjoyed it greatly. Unlike most slides this one spits you out into 18inces of water so it makes a soft landing. A rock cliff with waterfall is one of my daughters favorite things. It’s a 5ft drop into 5 1/2 feet of water.  My favorite spot is where this pools water (which is at a higher level) runs into the main pool. Another fun little spot is at the top of the waterfall in the warm stone tide pools.

Other Points of Interest

There are several picnic tables scattered around the pools, but my advice is to get there early so you actually get one! There is a decent concession stand with an array of things to snack on (popcorn, sno-cones, candy bars, etc) or if you are hungrier then there are sandwich’s and such (it looks like they are keeping Sam’s Club in business). You are welcomed to bring your own cooler, but it will be searched to make sure you aren’t carrying alcohol or glass.

Wooden benches are also scattered about for sunbathing (these get taken quickly as well).

There is some shade around the picnic areas which is nice. Steer clear of table near a trash can (bee’s tend t lurk).

Personal Recommendations and Misc. Info

  • They accept CASH ONLY!!!! (and there is no ATM on site)
  • You can bring your own float or rent one there for $1
  • Plan to stay. You can not leave and then comeback without paying unless you are a season ticket holder.
  • They do accept special groups during the week and they do allow birthday parties.
  • They do have lifeguards, but in my professional opinion (I’m an Aquatics Director for a non-profit) they don’t do the best job…very lackadaisical attitudes. They don’t carry tubes except in the deep end of the main pool and the girls wear bikini’s (trying rescuing a panicked child or adult in one of those). As long at you are actively engaged with your kids then you will be just fine!
  • They do not supply lifejackets or instructional flotation devices so you will need to bring your own.
  • I cannot tell you about the condition of their bathrooms as I never went in there…my husband did brave it and came out alive so that seems promising.

Admission and Hours


Privately owned and open to the public seven days a week. 10am to 6pm everyday starting at the beginning of June through Labor Day. (weather permitting)


  •  13 and up $15.00
  • Children 12 and under $8.00
  • 60 and Older enter park for $8.00
  • 3 and under no charge (  MUST wear swimmies to get it free)

Feel Free to visit their web site at www.koolparkpool.com



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  1. Great review….I was there with my grandchildren a week ago and they had the time of their lives. It is like walking back into the 60’s. Great family outing.

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